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A New Publication!

Dr. Taylor has written a book, entitled Small Talk: Activities for Language Development in Preschool Learners. The book is intended for teachers who are looking for fun activities to use while modeling age-appropriate language skills for young children. Copies may be purchased from Amazon or The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group.

About Small Talk

Published by Rowman & Littlefield, Small Talk was written to fill a void for teachers who have little-to-no background in childhood language development, but wish to play an important role in language growth among preschool children. It pushes aside drill exercises and provides teachers with language activities that use easy-to-acquire materials and ingredients for food preparation, arts and crafts, and game experiences designed to  stimulate reception and expressive language-building experiences. Following each activity, Dr. Taylor includes "Small Talk Suggestions" comprised of ideas teachers can use to encourage conversations between themselves and their students.  Teachers will be able to provide a rich language model before, during, and after the language activity for the young language learner within a natural, meaningful social context. Small Talk will help engage adults and young children in the process of developing age-appropriate receptive and expressive language skills while having fun!

And, Furthermore!!!

​The activities found in Small Talk can be used with older children who may be experiencing language learning difficulties, such as language delays observed among late-talkers or language disorders observed among children presenting with developmental disorders. It should also be pointed out that parents can certainly put this book to good use. Many of the materials and ingredients needed to perform the activities are right there in the home or at a nearby grocery store.

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