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Dr. Charles Reid Taylor
"Looking to improve your accent and pronunciation of the American style of English?  Taylor Speech & Language is here to help.  Our virtual-based teaching is designed to cator to your needs and goals, providing personalized attention and support.  Let us help you achieve clear communication and confidence in your speech."
Team Brainstorm

I help teachers, computer specialists, physicians and other busy professionals whose native language is Arabic, Spanish, French Creole, etc. to speak with an American-style of English called the General American Accent, and I do this in my online program.

The goal is to help you to speak so your students, colleagues, patients and supervisors will understand what you are saying the first time you say it.

I will teach you the General American Accent, so your listeners will pay more attention to what you are saying, not how you are saying it.

I absolutely LOVE hearing accents from around the world.  That is why I would NEVER insist that you lose the accent of your native language.  You need that accent when you speak your native language.  Instead, I want to give you the ability to use the General American Accent when you need it while speaking with the American-style of English.  This will help your listeners understand you better when you are sharing important information with other professionals.

I want your listeners to understand what you are saying the very first time you say it!

Come study the General American Accent with me at Taylor Speech & Language!!!

Let's talk!

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