What Is TeleSpeech?
At TSL, the term "telespeech" refers to the use of web-conferencing by a certified and state-licensed corporate speech-language pathologist to deliver accent modification/American English pronunciation skills development over the Internet.  This method of service delivery is sanctioned by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and is proven to be interactive, engaging and efficient.  Telespeech permits the clinician and client to take part in live audio and video connections.

What Equipment is Needed?
Computer needs for telespeech sessions are minimal.  All the client will need is a computer with a high-speech Internet connection, a built-in microphone or one that is built- into a headset and a webcam.  Many of the computers being sold today already have a built-in web camera.  If you are looking for a computer, be sure to check for this feature.  Also, make sure it has a microphone.

Are There Any Client Requirements For TeleSpeech Sessions?
All telespeech clients should 1) have the ability to focus their attention for at least one hour, 2) have the ability to maintain a sitting position for an entire speech coaching session, 3) be able to follow basic directions, and 4) have basic computer skills.  That's it!!!

What Are The Advantages Of TeleSpeech?
Telespeech sessions are cost-effective.  For example, performing accent modification coaching sessions over the Internet drastically reduces travel expenses for both the clinician AND the client.  Sessions can be conducted wherever the client is: at home, in school, in the office, etc..  Depending on the availability of the clinician and client, sessions can be set up for morning, noon or night.  Imagine coming home from a busy day at work.  After dinner and completion of any chores, the client can do an accent coaching session within the comfort of home.  Telespeech sessions make improvement of speech skills easy and convenient.

Further, children presenting with speech-language disorders have been known to respond very well to therapy over the Internet.  TeleSpeech services for children can be performed within the school setting and/or at home, depending upon a child's specific needs.