Accent Modification Coaching


Taylor Speech & Language (TSL) is a corporate speech pathology private practice that specializes in helping clients learn to pronounce English in the American way.


  • If you have noticed that people often ask you to repeat what you said because they have difficulty understanding your accent, or


  • If you are concerned that your clients/patients may not follow your directions correctly because they cannot understand your pronunciation of American English, or


  • If you believe that your pronunciation of American English has caused you to be passed over for career advancement, promotions and/or other job opportunities, or


  • If you just think it is time to improve your American English pronunciation by reducing your accent, then, you definitely need Taylor Speech & Language!


Taylor Speech & Language can help you improve the way you communicate with a systematic program that is custom designed to suit your individual needs.  Improve your pronunciation of American English in the comfort of your home or office in traditional face-to-face sessions or via a computer with an Internet connection to your coach.  Feel more confident as you communicate with patients, clients, employees or employers.  Taylor Speech & Language can help you speak more clearly and help you to be confident as you communicate with others.


All accent modification training begins with an in-depth speech assessment which provides diagnostic information about your specific needs.  The assessment results are used to design a program specially designed to meet those needs.


Taylor Speech & Language is experienced in helping university students, computer professionals, educators and mathematicians.  Taylor Speech & Language can work for YOU!!!